Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Well, here we are into october already!!! wow, where did the year go?? well, to be honest we left a huge chunk of our year at the doorway of Yorkhill childrens hospital for 99% of our summer.
I cant be bothered with going into the details but after 7 1/2 weeks there, numerous trips to theatres, cath labs, central lines, infections, diagnosis, etc etc we took a different boy home.... the steroid they used to treat the newly diagnosed Crohns disease completely transformed him from a wee boy who had so little energy that he would cry to go to bed by 6pm..... now - we struggle to get him in bed at 8pm!
He has been transformed in all aspects.... he is much more confident, he is chatty! anyone who new Zac will know how shy and withheld he was.... not he will initiate conversations with people... he has more energy!
One major achievment for Zac is that, after deciding himself at the start of the year that he was unable to continue with hi judo, last week Zac earned his first belt at his judo club!!!!!
He still has days when arthritis does make things a bit of a struggle, but he tries not to let it get in his way.

We are so thankfull to all of the staff at the renal ward, for our summer they became our family. After spending 54 days and nights with them it was hard in a strange way to leave them and go home, leaving behind the security of knowing they were there should anything happen or if we needed them, but to watch Zac as he is now is - at times - overwhelming...... seeing him run round the judo club, to see him get his belt and the sheer joy on his face . . . . . . . was it worth going through everything we did for 54 days?......... yes it was!